Doing comedy today is rough.
You are trying to keep an edge and remain funny but now you have to worry about a offending some weak minded social justice warrior with nothing better to do than to lead a campaign to get your social media shutdown.

If this person is successful all of your hard work and networking can be flushed down the drain when your Facebook, Youtube or Twitter page is shut down.

Once your page is shut down you are cut off from your bread and butter “Your Fans & Followers” We have a system that cant be shut down and offers a way to reach all of your fans in one blast should you need it to happen. We allow you to reach your fans in live time while preserving your privacy simultaneously. Our system was developed by a comedian who specializes in “over the edge comedy” who has been banned several times on several social media platforms.

We allow comedians to send out alerts of last minute shows and make sales from minute to minute. We teach you to reach your fans & followers on the Cellphones via Text message if cheap effective and a much better alternative to social media posting.

Instead of Imagining what it would be like to send a text message to 10,000 people in one blast, sign up with us today.

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